Who are we?

L’Orangerie is a french brand offering chic and refined pyjamas and clothing for children. L’Orangerie manufactures and distributes girls’ pyjamas and dressing gowns, boys’ pyjamas and dressing gowns, men’s pyjamas and ladies’ pyjamas.

Egyptian cotton, smocking, embroidery, high-quality manufacturing … Childhood memories are our main source of inspiration when creating the collections.

L'Orangerie promotes a number of key values, such as social responsibility and high-quality products.

Our products can be purchased

any time of day via our web shop.

via private sales. Take a look at our website www.lorangerie-france.com

Purchasing articles from our web shop offers a good insight into our brand, later you might even want to become a brand ambassador and host a private sale at your house!

See you soon!