Our values

Our products

girls’ pyjamas, girls’ dressing gowns, boys’ pyjamas, boys’ dressing gowns, men’s pyjamas and ladies’ pyjamas – are manufactured exclusively in Mauritius and Madagascar in accordance with sustainable development principles.

The company’s sustainable development objective is to define operating methods which reconcile economic, social and environmental issues, as well as being viable over the long term.

Social responsibility

We undertake to work in line with the criteria of the SA8000 standard (improving working conditions)

No child labour, no forced labour

Applying international standards to define working hours, overtime and days off.

Employees’ rights to representation and definition of disciplinary measures by specific procedures

Decent wages that are contractually defined

Discrimination-free workplace

Presence of a hygiene and safety committee

Definition and compliance with a series of Human Resource management procedures

L’Orangerie entrusts its logistics to the Lille Fives establishment employing disabled people, who prepare orders, check customer returns, repackage articles and create personalized packaging.

Environmental impact

Any industrial or commercial activity has an impact on the environment. Our objective is to reduce this impact through a series of simple but effective actions

Using renewable natural materials (cotton, linen, etc.) rather than synthetic fibres produced by the oil industry, which are therefore finite and rarely recyclable.

Purchasing raw materials (fabrics) from factories connected to wastewater treatment plants.

Economic measures

Profit margin is shared over the entire production and distribution chain to ensure that all those involved are able to finance their requirements and development. We are also working towards a goal of developing fair-trade products in the medium-term.