Secure payment

Looking to buy something from L'Orangerie?

Bank card

Card payment is a SIMPLE, FAST and SECURE method of purchasing products online. L'Orangerie guarantees high-level security: all information entered online is immediately encrypted and saved onto a bank secure server.

Card payments are made in partnership with Crédit Lyonnais which uses the SSL encryption standard. In this way, bank data does not circulate on the internet unencrypted. It is stored on the bank’s ultra-secure servers.

3D Secure check

L'Orangerie is also a member of the 3D Secure programme. Additional checks when paying guarantee transactions and reduce the risk of non-payment which has a knock-on effect on sales prices. (Online payments represent 10% of transactions but 60% of fraud)

Our payment solution, ATOS, imposes a 3D secure check. See following link for explanation:

If the additional code sent to you by text message from your bank is entered incorrectly or your bank does not use this protocol, the payment will unfortunately be refused.

A number of major e-commerce sites do not use this technique for fear of slowing down impulse buys …a policy that clearly involves a certain level of risk.

If the payment fails to go through, please get in touch and we will find a solution together!

Bank transfer

Please use the order number as a reference


The simpliest and international way to pay